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Fall 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Commissioned As we welcome fall this month, we were also welcomed back into the Assemblies of God World Missions Family! This month we were blessed to attend school of missions in Springfield as we continue to prepare to head to Quito, Ecuador. We met so many wonderful missionaries and were amazed to see the wonderful things that God is doing in so many of their hearts! It was very moving and inspiring to join the ranks of so many who have gone before us and many who will follow. We are truly blessed to be called and so humbled that He would choose us.

Ecuador Protests Some of you may have heard that Ecuador experienced quite a bit of unrest this past month. There were many protests in the cities, especially the capital of Quito. As the government made several decisions to change some national policies that had been in place for many years, many of those in Ecuador found themselves affected and frustrated by the changes. They took to the streets to protest and, unfortunately, there were over 200 people injured during this time. The protests lasted around 11 days. After much turmoil, the government conceded that the changes may have been too drastic and met with the protesters to create a better plan. Since then, the protesting has, thankfully, subsided.

The AG missionaries in Ecuador were safe throughout this time, but please keep them in your prayers, especially pray for their children. We often forget that the children of missionaries experience these events in very different ways from their parents because they are still developing and growing. Please remember to pray for them and for their parents as well. They will need wisdom and discernment to help their children navigate political unrest in the country that they call home.


Serenitys Space Serenity is four and a half, going on twenty! We are consistently amazed at her curiosity for the Lord and her ability to process and retell the Bible! This week she created an art project to represent Jesus in the tomb. She even used colored tape for his burial shrouds! As she told me the story of Jesus in the tomb, she propped up the paper to make Jesus stand up with his arms open wide. She then continued to tell the story of his resurrection and how the great, big stone was rolled away! We are so blessed to sow the seeds of Christ in her heart and watch as they blossom. We believe that she already has a missionary heart and we know that God is doing a work in her spirit. She is learning more about Ecuador as we prepare her for this very big, upcoming transition. The other day she informed me that she needed to finish her homework because she couldn’t do it in Ecuador. I explained to her that she will get to do plenty of homework in Ecuador too! She loves school and loves her friends at school. I know that this will be a great mission field for her as well.


Our prayer – This month we pray that the Lord would open supernatural doors for you in your lives and in the lives of your churches. God is active and moving in the world and cares deeply about, not only you, but those around you. We pray that the Holy Spirit would illuminate your path and direct you to those open doors where you can minister, grow and be used by Him. May you see His hand moving in your life and may you walk in His anointing.

Prayer requests – Continued financial and prayer support Protection as we travel Encouragement and supernatural rest during this season

If you would like a printable copy of the newsletter, click here.

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