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It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin'!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

You may have read or heard this short sermon/ poem by S.M. Lockridge.

It’s Friday.  Jesus is praying.  Peter’s a sleeping.  Judas is betraying.  But Sunday’s comin’. 

It’s Friday.  Pilate’s struggling.  The council is conspiring.  The crowd is vilifying.  They don’t even know, that Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.  The disciples are running like sheep without a shepherd.  Mary’s crying. Peter is denying.  But they don’t know, that Sunday’s a comin’.

It’s Friday.  The Romans beat my Jesus.  They robe him in scarlet.  They crowned Him with thorns.  But they don’t know, that Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.  See Jesus walking to Calvary.   His blood dripping.  His body stumbling.  And his spirit’s burdened.  But you see, it’s only Friday.  Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.  The world’s winning.  People are sinning.  And evil is grinning.   

It’s Friday. The soldiers nail my Savior’s hands to the cross.  They nail my Savior’s feet to the cross.  And then they raise him up next to criminals.  It’s Friday.  But let me tell you something.  Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.  The disciples are questioning.  What has happened to their King?  And the Pharisees are celebrating that their scheming has been achieved.  But they don’t know, it’s only Friday.  Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.  He’s hanging on the cross.  Feeling forsaken by his Father.  Left alone and dying. Can nobody save him?  Ooooh, it’s Friday.  But Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday.  The earth trembles.  The sky grows dark.  My King yields his spirit. 

It’s Friday.  Hope is lost.  Death has won.  Sin has conquered.  And Satan’s just a laughin’.

It’s Friday.  Jesus is buried.  A soldier stands guard.  And a rock is rolled into place.  But it’s  Friday.  It is only Friday. 

Sunday is a comin’!

This has been on my mind lately as we get closer to Easter/ Resurrection Sunday. I wonder if the fear and anxiety felt by so many right now is similar to how the early disciples and followers of Jesus felt. They would have felt that so many things were outside of their control like it is for our world right now. They may have wished they could just run away from everything that was happening as many do today. They didn't know what tomorrow would hold. Their way of life had just been turned on its head. Like them, life has taken a major shift and we’re being forced to regroup and reevaluate everything. Who knows, maybe we’ll look back one day and see that the signs that this was coming were right there for us and we missed them as they did. Right now things feel uncertain. Pastors, you are staring into lifeless cameras, trying to comfort, encourage and teach your congregation without the connection that is felt when they are in the room with you. Parents, you are trying to keep your families safe and secure, learning to adapt to the current norm in ways you have never imagined. Finances for many are a major concern. Some have lost jobs or are at risk of losing them. Others have jobs that put them at a higher risk to help others.

The sky has grown dark. Many tears are falling. So many are questioning. If Christ is King, how can this be happening? The earth is trembling. People are losing hope. Is this the end of it all?

It’s Friday, but Sunday is comin’!

Friends, we know what comes next in this story. The reason we know that Christ is the answer. Resurrection Sunday. Easter. The day Christ proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is who he said he was. The foundation of what we believe in. On that Friday it felt like all hope was lost. You may feel that way right now. I want to encourage you that we already know how the story goes. God Wins!

He wins in all areas. He wins for us individually, and collectively. Even when we feel like everything around us is causing fear and uncertainty, He is with us. The armies of The Lord surround us. Just like in 2 Kings 6, when the King of Aram had sent his army to surround Elisha and his servant was fearful at what he could see in the natural.

My prayer for all of us, myself included is “O Lord, I pray, open OUR eyes that WE may see”. I pray that we begin to see in the spiritual that we are surrounded by Your army and You fight for us long before we know we are in the battle. That we restore/ increase our intimacy and dependence in You. Let any fear/ anxiety/ uncertainty be replaced with Praise and Worship of You, the one greater than any illness. Increased faith in You. I pray that we become more united than ever before and that our prayers and time spent in Your presence bring about a revival like never before. Let the individual responsibility to make disciples of all nations burn within us and compel us! Let us become even bolder than we have ever been, fueled by the Holy Spirit and time spent in Your presence, God.

Megan, Serenity and I are praying for you.

And remember, We may be living in our Friday, but it is only Friday. Sunday is a comin’!

Here are a few songs that have been speaking to me leading into and during this season

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Apr 03, 2020

Enjoyed your post and our conversation this morning, as well. Both encouraged me. I'm so thankful that our "Fridays" don't last forever...Sunday. Is. Coming!

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