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Summertime 2022

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This summer has been a season of firsts. It was Serenity’s first time in the Missionary Kid Program with AGWM. For a little over three weeks, she had fun with her fellow MKs while being prepared for life overseas. Megan and Serenity got to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for the first time. They both had their first time at the Jersey Shore. It was the first time at an Atlantic Ocean beach for Megan or any beach for Serenity. For me, it was the first time for both of my parents to hear me preach in person and the same for many on my dad’s side of the family. It was the first time for many of my family in New Jersey to meet Megan and Serenity. This was also the first time for them to meet my good friends from North Carolina. It was their first time eating Jersey tomatoes, Jersey corn, Panzarottis, Pork Roll, Scrapple and other South Jersey specialties as well as seeing where I started in ministry in NC. Hopefully we can get back to both states soon because there is much more to do and many more people to see.

As we have travelled the past few months the idea of sacrifice has come up and been discussed over and over. While it's true that there are many things we don’t experience the way that others do, we don't really consider it a sacrifice. The one thing we feel is really a sacrifice in our lives is family. We don’t get to experience life with family the way others do. These past few years have given Megan some time with her extended family after living overseas for most of her life. Likewise, I am glad to have had time with my parents and relatives, although brief. I’m thankful for Megan and Serenity to have had the opportunity to meet some of my aunts, uncles and cousins as well as some of the people who have shaped my walk with Christ. Our travels also gave us some moments with fellow missionaries. Some who are no longer on the field and some who are preparing to go back. Many meals were had (and some ice cream too). We met some pioneers in missions from Barbados, the first PAWI missionaries to take the gospel to Africa. This was a divine encounter and we were encouraged by their stories.

The next “NEW” for us is homeschool. Between our crazy travel schedule and the uncertainty of our overseas move date, we feel the best way to provide consistency for Serenity's education is through homeschooling. Please be praying for Serenity and her momma as this school year is ready to begin. They are both excited but also a little nervous!

One last update. As of today we are at 62% of our budget. We are still hoping and praying that we will be at 100% by the end of the year allowing us to get to Cincel in January and then off to Ecuador.

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