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Will you go? - Applying (originally from 10/12/2010)

Updated: Feb 10

So, I have started the application process to be a missionary. Truthfully, I started this process over a month ago. It began with a meeting with my missions pastor. For some reason that meeting was one of the scariest meetings in my life. I don't think that the actual meeting was scary, or even the thought of the meeting, but for me that was the point where I was saying, "ok God. I hear you and I'm going to listen".  It is very easy to say that "when God says go, I will go", but it is a little harder to actually do it. I've done it before, when I moved to Raleigh, NC but Venezuela is not quite the same as North Carolina. I actually submitted the first part a few weeks after the meeting. I can remember the day I submitted the first part. It was Sunday September 19th. It was an exciting day. A big difference from the night and morning leading up to the meeting. I never would have thought that I would be doing this. I can remember speaking with some co-workers earlier this summer and saying that I could see myself leading or helping to lead short term youth trips, but I didn't think I would ever go for any extended periods. Many of my friends have left the US to become missionaries. Now here I am, applying for a two year term. At the end of that term, I will have to reapply, if that is what the Lord is leading.  I finally understand what it was like for my friends to realize this call.

*It was brought to my attention that the photo above was actually the idea of Rachel Miller on our way home from Venezuela. Thanks. Love you girl!

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