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Winter 2021

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

A Sweet Fragrance Greetings to you from a very cold Springfield, Missouri! We trust you are staying warm, healthy, and safe this time of year. As we enter into 2021, we are excited to update you on what God is doing in our lives!

As you know, the pandemic has affected many missionaries over the past year. We recently heard of a missionary family who had lost 40% of their support during this season while on the field! We are so blessed to have such wonderful and faithful partners in this journey! It has been a challenging season for all but God has been faithful and, as many churches are beginning to settle into a new routine, they have begun to see how missions giving fits into this season. We are thankful for this and continue to pray that God would give pastors and leaders wisdom in these difficult days. We are making progress in our support raising and are excited to be able to schedule services again as well.

We want to encourage you this February as we approach Valentine’s Day. February is one of my (Megan’s) favorite months. I love celebrating this season. I have many memories of my father gifting me sweet stuffed animals as a child for Valentine’s day. I have even saved one or two of these over the years to remind me of those special days. In our western, consumeristic culture it’s easy to get swept up by the material aspects of this holiday but as we enter into this season, I want to encourage you to remember that just as we search to find ways to show our love to those special people in our lives, Christ desires to do the same. I’m reminded of the book of Song of Songs and the imagery that is used to detail the intense love the groom felt for his special, Shulamite bride. The beauty he saw in her and the affection he had for her is unrivaled. Friend, Christ’s affection for you is unrivaled by that of any other lover. He longs, not for your service, but for your attention and heartfelt devotion. He longs for you to pour your love on Him and in turn to pour His love on you.

My daughter recently learned about the woman who poured her perfume on Jesus’ feet (Luke 7). When I questioned her about this story I asked her “Why do you think she poured her expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet?” Her answer? “Well, because maybe His feet were stinky! He wore sandals and maybe he stepped in animal poo!” Tech and I had a good laugh at her answer but then we talked about how much she must have loved Jesus and been thankful for what He had done for her. Sometimes we give of ourselves but we give those things that are easy - maybe it’s your time or your money. But how often do we check the dark corners of our hearts and ask “Have I given this dark, little corner to Jesus?” Christ longs, not for our best, but for that which is most precious to us. And in turn, He longs to give us His precious love.

In this season, I pray that you are able to look at those things in your life that you have held most dear and possibly even hidden from Christ, fearing to give them to Him and then break those things open, pouring them over His feet in a great act of love. And in return, may His unconditional love cover you and clothe you. May it give you new life and a fresh revelation of who He is. Happy Valentine’s Day. May you experience it in a whole new way this year.


Serenitys Space This year has been a challenging year for Serenity. She has experienced quite a bit of transition as we have tried to work out a healthy and productive schooling situation for her but she has handled it like a pro! I’m continuously amazed at her gifts and how she is able to make friends everywhere she goes. I see God’s grace and favor on her life, opening doors to make way for her. As her mother, I’m blessed to see how God works in her life and I’m humbled to see how He works in my life through her. Please continue to pray for her as she adapts to a new school this semester. She is very excited about her birthday at the end of the month and will be turning six this year! We can’t believe how fast she is growing and how her resolve to be the boss has not dwindled one bit!


Our prayer – Lord, we are so blessed to have so many people invested in our lives. We pray that, in this new year, You will fill each of them with renewed vision and calling. We pray that Your Spirit would abide in their homes and family as they pursue You and all that You have for them. May this year be filled with growth and fulfillment of Your purpose in their lives.

Prayer requests – Continue to pray for Serenity’s schooling and for a smooth transition this semester.

As we approach district council this year, pray for God’s favor over us and for anointed partnerships as we continue to share our heart for Ecuador

If you would like a printable copy of the newsletter, click here

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