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Ishum (Tech) and Megan met in July 2014 while each was serving independently in the country of Venezuela. As the Lord led them, they were married in February of 2016. They began their new lives as newlyweds in Springfield, MO where they focused on building a solid family foundation before returning to the field or to full-time ministry. During this time, they were blessed to become parents to their daughter, Serenity. As Tech served as the Media Director in their local church, they began to feel a stirring in their hearts. As the Lord had led before, He would again lead them into a new season.


They are both credentialed ministers and were initially approved to go to Quito Ecuador as Missionary Associates. Now appointed career missionaries, Tech, Megan and Serenity will be serving in Northern Ecuador as they work together with the local church and missionary team to start a school of ministry, encouraging growth in the local university ministries and planting churches throughout Ecuador and beyond.


Birthday: 8/16

Born: New Jersey

Color: Blue

US States Lived In: 5

Countries Lived In: 4

Years Lived Overseas: 3

Likes: Most things Marvel, The Philadelphia Eagles


Birthday: 12/14

Born: Missouri

Color: Peacock Blue

US States Lived In: 3

Countries Lived In: 3

Years Lived Overseas: 15

Likes: Traveling, Baking, Spending time with friends and family


Birthday: 2/26

Born: New Jersey

Color: Green

US States Lived In: 2

Countries Lived In: 1

Years Lived Overseas: 0 

Likes: Minnie Mouse, Singing, Reading, Telling Stories

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