Project 10.14 

Based on Mark 10:14, this ministry will begin as a Saturday Children’s Ministry to reach out to the many “Market Kids” and “Street Kids” that are within a four to five-block radius of the CEMAD Main Campus. In preparation for this future weekly ministry, our team is currently ministering to these children and their families through three-day events similar to VBS and held during several school vacation Times throughout 2018 and into 2019. These ministry venues have included ministry to the parents and have included an invitation to a special Sunday morning Christmas event that was well attended by the parents. During this event, each of these families received a gift box containing all necessary food items to prepare a family Christmas dinner.

Missions Teams

We love working with missions teams. Between the two of us, we have worked with over 50 short term teams. Whether construction, medical, evangelism or youth teams, we love introducing people to missions. We believe the Church should be actively involved in missions and consider it to be both a blessing and a privilege to be a part of this experience. We love connecting the US church with her brothers and sisters around the world.

If you would like to bring a team or are interested in more information, start by clicking below.

School of Ministry, Church Planting & Leadership

Due to the great need to develop new ministers with the character and skills necessary to plant new churches and start new ministries to reach the lost of Ecuador, we are currently in the planning & development process to launch a live-in discipleship school. In an environment where more than 65% of Seminary graduates do not go on to serve in a pastoral capacity, start new ministries or plant new churches, this school will be instrumental in developing the character and leadership potential of students in an environment where they will be training, preparing and finally launching new church plants and ministries within urban contexts. We have confirmed that we will be partnering with the national Church Planting Department in this endeavor. The remainder of the details are still being evaluated and approved at this time.

La Comuna Alta

La Comuna is a sector of Quito strategically located in the center of the city that has in recent years become home for thousands of refugees from Venezuela, as well as poverty-stricken Ecuadorians. Our hope is to start a church plant in this sector, reaching areas that do not yet have an established church in their communities. Our vision for this church plant is to reach the Venezuelan and poverty-stricken Ecuadorian families in this unreached sector of Quito.

We currently have a home group meeting in a house in this community that was birthed from a Christmas outreach, and we are currently working to confirm, according to call and spiritual gifting, who will be the future pastor of this newly formed work.