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Happy New Year 24!

Updated: May 18

Happy new year! We are so blessed to be starting this year on the ground, here in Ecuador!

It has been a crazy year but one full of blessings. Over the past 7 months, we moved 4 times! That means we are happy to have finally found a house in Cotacachi, Ecuador and to be settling in. It has been so amazing to see God’s hand in this process - even in the little things that seem to be unimportant. Many of you know that Serenity loves animals. She has wanted a dog for quite some time but Tech is allergic. I really wanted her to have a pet here in Ecuador to help her transition and settle into this new place but when you live a lifestyle of intercontinental moves and travel, that can be very challenging! While it seems so insignificant, I really prayed about this because moving to a new country can be hard for an 8 year old! But God showed us all in a special way that He has His eyes on her. He led us to a house that we could rent in a little cluster of homes that have a dog! This sweet pup sleeps outside our house, plays with Serenity and enjoys lots of cuddles from us! Serenity now has a dog that, when we have to go back to the U.S. for furlough, will still have her home and be cared for by the neighbors. I have peace of mind and Serenity has a playmate! It’s those little, seemingly unimportant things in the life of a missionary that remind us of how intricately involved God is in our lives. He does not take us to the mission field just to forget about us!

Besides finding a house, we are excited and so thankful to announce that the Northern Missouri District youth and churches have pledged money for us to have a Speed the Light Vehicle! We are so incredibly thankful for this gift and can’t wait to find a car and put it to use! Many of the places we are ministering at are 45 minutes to over an hour away, up further in the mountains on windy, dirt and/ or cobblestone roads and it would otherwise be very difficult to reach these places without a vehicle. Also due to the fact that there are very few missionaries in this area, it will take a quality vehicle to cover Northern Ecuador, climbing through the mountains to find the different communities hidden in the midst of them. We can’t wait to explore the Chota Valley and see how the Lord would lead us into that area.

Don't Worry, we cleaned her up!
Tech rode in this STL vehicle on his 1st short term trip in 2006. It continues to be used to share the gospel today. It was loaned to us in our first months.

Please continue to pray for us as we begin to learn more about the Afro-Ecuadorians in the Chota Valley and help support the existing church planting ministry here in the region. This season will be a season of learning and growing for us! Learning culture, language, history and building relationships that will help build the foundation for a long term ministry. It’s our desire to put down roots and effectively minister to the sweet people of Northern Ecuador for a long time to come. Pray with us that the foundation we build now would have a lasting impact on what God is doing here in this region.

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