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Pura Vida

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

It has been an eventful month, to say the least! We arrived in Costa Rica on May 11th and were greeted at CINCEL by a host of missionaries! They welcomed us with open arms which we filled with suitcases and boxes. They helped us carry our luggage up the narrow staircase to our apartment where we found groceries waiting for us and lunch ready to go! We were so blessed by their welcome. In the next three days we walked more than we had in months! They took us to grocery stores, to the Saturday morning market, to get our cell phones working and even to get ice-cream. On Monday morning we were ready for our two day Church Planting Boot Camp Seminar and then Tech started classes on that Wednesday! It was a very busy entry but we made it through! We have been adapting to Costa Rica and the language school environment little by little and have been so blessed to feel such a sense of community among the other missionaries as well as the Costa Rican staff.

My personal high was discovering a small, Venezuelan restaurant just a little down the road from our home. It made me a little homesick but I enjoyed some flavors I hadn’t had in quite a while!

I think Serenity would say her highest moment was discovering real coconut ice cream, which made her grandpa very jealous! She is very happy to have other friends to do school with and loves the Costa Rican weather. Tech is working hard in school. His highest moment this month was visiting a small restaurant behind the school where he spent much of his time practicing Spanish the last time he was here. The owner remembered him and the blessing he had been to her when he helped her buy a new pair of much needed glasses. Thank you so much for your prayers and support! This season is filled with lots of adapting for all of us. It has its challenges but we are so happy to be one step closer to our arrival in Ecuador.

Please continue to pray for us as we adapt to life here for the next six and a half months and then pack up for another mover to Ecuador.

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